Senior Recruiter

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  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Senior Recruiter

Job description

Your role

  • Full cycle recruitment on Tech and/or non-Tech roles (looking for senior Tech and senior Business recruiters!)
  • Talent mapping, sourcing, and hacking
  • Is to innovate the way we do recruitment because you are constantly learning new things
  • Making our hiring managers happy, but also challenge them on their questions
  • Help with building the Fourthline brand.

We love to have impact on our company culture and growth. We work here because we believe that this is a cool place to be and feel that we can bring change to the way Fourthline fights financial crime. 
And what about you? Do you share our ambitions? You probably read a bunch of vacancies already. Either today or in the last few days and weeks. And you are wondering where you want to go now, and what the coolest place to work and grow is for you? Am I close to the truth?
We are not saying that we are, but if you are reading this and have a little smile on your face, you might want to continue reading. Could just be that you found your place to shine!

Our mission could also be your mission…

With the pressure on, the recruitment team is under constant pressure. We take pride in our work to bring great Fourthliners into the company! We also want to change a lot of things and improve them... However, change takes time and energy and for that, we could use some extra help. Your help. We want to create fun, engaging, and cool recruitment campaigns that are disruptive and appealing, but that also fit our company culture and mission: Fighting financial crime. We want to showcase more of who we are, what and how we are doing, and what people can expect when they apply here! And that would require more visibility and different channels (aka recruitment marketing?).

and I already imagine you think… “How can I help you?”


Working together is looking for synergy and overlap. Finding additional skills in the other person and connecting on the things you both like to do. Creating angles and being creative about it. And there are things that we are happy with doing, and things we hope you like to do. Synergy!

We believe that there is a cool story to share and a company that is worth ‘selling’. We could use your skills in social media, sourcing, storytelling, and all-around recruitment experience within the recruitment sphere. You bring the ‘marketing savvy’ into recruitment. And you are experienced in an all-round recruitment role (from Sales to Engineering from entry-level to senior people) and have you seen a hectic scale-up with dynamic and fast-changing requirements from up close!

What will make us successful

Is to combine best practices and innovative ideas. Don’t fix what is not broken but improve what can be better. And for that, we think we should…

  • Focus on quality and innovation: if we do it, we do it well!
  • High standards: undersell and overdeliver!
  • Ownership & responsibility: if we say we do something, we will make it happen!
  • Honesty, trust, and reliability: core values.
  • Humor: nothing kills the buzz more than negativity and no way to resolve the tension. Humor is the key (if you would ask my opinion).
  • Creativity: we do not have the biggest budgets and we want to accomplish a lot still 😉
  • Communication is key: internal, external, always.

Job requirements

What you bring in experience:

  • 5+ years of ("all-round" OR "Tech" OR "Business") recruitment experience of which ideally some in a start-up or scale-up.
  • At least a bachelor’s degree – or a good reason why you do not have one.
  • A drive to be successful. You know things are not perfect, but let us make them perfect.
  • Find the gap that we have in the team and add more skills! See this 
  • Strong stakeholder management experience.
  • A keen eye for Data, details and reporting! #datadrivenrecruitment

At Fourthline, we care about attracting and retaining the best people and that is why we offer

  • A good compensation package, certainly compared to other scaleups/startups
  • The chance to work at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, teaming with the biggest names in fintech and banking
  • An opportunity to work for a multinational scale-up that is growing rapidly (1,000% growth over 3 years)
  • 25 days of vacation to recharge your batteries
  • A workplace in our fun office right next to the beautiful Vondelpark in Amsterdam
  • A high degree of collaboration and autonomy
  • A crucial role in a highly motivated, talented team that will grow a lot
  • Flat structures and open communication

And now we slowly go back to the office:

  • Daily catered, fresh and tasty lunch with your colleagues (later on)
  • After-work drinks in our very own bar on Fridays (later on)
  • Ping pong/darts/table football, because it is fun
  • Five office dogs (current count).

NOTE: For this role, we can only consider people that are Amsterdam/Randstad area-based (We will not relocate from outside Europe - due to Corona).

Why Fourthline?

Fourthline is a company where things move fast (sometimes chaotic) and where we combine a senior leadership team (McKinsey, ABN, Accenture, Stripe) with fresh startup-minded people in middle management and below! This is cross-referencing and we learn from each other.

We have grown 1000% in the last three years (from 20 to 200) and will grow at least with 30-40 new colleagues in the coming 6 months. We are well funded (+14 million) and our numbers have grown tremendously as well, despite corona times. And with offices in Barcelona and Amsterdam that combine around 45 nationalities from all over the world, we think and act internationally.
The product is future-proof and ready for the world to use. We have clients like, N26 and DeGiro.