Senior .NET Core Developer (Barcelona)

  • Barcelona, Spain

Senior .NET Core Developer (Barcelona)

Job description

Looking for a new Senior .NET Core developer in Barcelona we asked the team what they like about working here! Yes, this is a vacancy... not to be mistaken :)

Q: Why do you work here at Fourthline?

A: Because the company offers a great technical stack and stability. Also a good work-life balance with enough flexibility that helps me organize my own work.

Q: And as a Developer specific?

A: we work with a Microservices oriented architecture with the latest .NET core versions, Docker containers and we use Azure DevOps as a platform for continuous integration. Next to that we have a good coverage of unit + integration tests. Those are things that are modern and challenge me every day.

Q: Ok. sounds nice indeed. Anything else?

A: uhhhm... vale. We use a Bus to manage the communication between Microservices and we have a good understanding and usage of IDE for the .NET environment. I also think we have a good approach to the way we use Agile methodologies. I like that a lot!

Q: And what can people expect to find at Fourthline Barcelona?

A: I think a great atmosphere with a cool and senior team. We are people that like to do things together. We play paddle/pádel every week and hang out for Friday drinks. So I think you can find a nice environment where you can also make friends.

Now it is your turn to ask questions, but in the FAQ below I think you are able to find the first steps to saturate your hunger for knowledge about this position!

1. What would be my mission at Fourthline?

A: Help the company develop a very robust and secure application for our KYC platform to conquer the world of online on-boarding! For this:

  • You will design, develop, test, deploy and maintain and improve on new features
  • You will maintain what is already there if need be (bug fixes)
  • Also propose better ways of working in our architecture and the way we work together.
  • As a senior, you are able to coach and mentor other people in the team in Barcelona
  • With your experience, you contribute to our growth with what you learned from your successes and your failures
  • Get everything documented properly, the boring part - we know - a dirty job. But someone has to do it
  • You understand the entire development life cycle and work closely with others in squads (DevOps, AI and QA team)
  • You combine technical and soft skills to tackle other people's challenges and understand that people-based solutions are just as needed as technology-based ones.

2. Can you just list the tech stack for me?

A: Sure thing! We work with .NET Core 2.2 – We have a Microservices architecture that includes REST APIs, Docker, Queues (RabbitMQ), RDBMS (PostgreSQL), Data Warehouses (AWS Redshift‎), Git, Linq, Entity Framework, Event sourcing and a lot more! And we are thinking to add Kubernetes as well.

Job requirements

3. What do you expect from a senior in your team?

A: That you want to be the best version of yourself. Sounds a bit cliche, we know, but it is a statement of willingness to improve who you are now and that you are open to step outside of your comfort zone to learn more and new things! Also a senior within Fourthline is willing to share knowledge with others because we are stronger together.

4. And what do you think I should bring in experience?

A: Bring a great personality that is focused on learning and learning together with the team. Pro active, positive and people oriented! And in experience:

  • A few good years of software development experience with a lot of focus on .NET and .NET core. So:
    • Expert knowledge of .NET Framework 4.5 and above (.NET Core is actually a requirement)
    • Docker
    • AWS
    • Microservices
    • Kubernetes (is a bonus)
    • RabbitMQ (bonus)
  • Knowledge of SOLID principles and CI /CD
  • Knowledge of common software design patterns
  • We definitely also could do with some kick ass English skills

5. Let's say I like what I read so far. What do you offer next to a good salary?

A: We have a great office with great view overlooking Montjuic close to Placa Espanya. And like you, we value:

  • A high degree of collaboration and autonomy to work on projects
  • Crucial role in a highly motivated, talented team
  • Flat structures and open communication
  • Friday drinks (it's a Dutch thing, but it's cool...)
  • Flexible working hours
  • A real team. We play pádel together, have lunches outside of the office and hang out!
  • A stack of the most modern technologies. But you already read about that enough ;)

6. And if you would describe Fourthline in a few sentences?

A: We are Fourthline – an award winning and fast growing FinTech scale-up, motivated by a vision to turn financial risk and regulatory challenges into simple and secure solutions. Simple, because we reduce complexity and offer easy-to-integrate solutions to financial institutions and platform businesses. Secure, because we enable our partners to use the world's most stable asset classes while protecting them from fraud, risk and identity theft.

We use state of the art technology and computer vision techniques to deliver the best KYC and Deposits product available in the market. We do this with a fun and international team of like minded people that want to go fast and far. Together.

<<<for this role we will not relocate people outside of EU (not offering sponsorship) and we prefer a person that is in Barcelona already>>>