IT Security Officer

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IT Security Officer

Job description

Fourthline makes the financial system safer for our customers, safer for banks, and safer for society. We do this by onboarding clients for financial institutions (like ourselves), with frictionless journeys for the good guys, and catching those with bad intent. IT Security is a key factor in the products we offer. With new partners joining and regulatory pressure on financial institutions increasing, the requirements and expectations of both partners and regulators are changing. This is why we need you as our dedicated IT Security Officer! Real impact, real challenges!

What success looks like

Make no mistakes. You are 'THE' IT Security Officer within Fourthline. To move things in the right direction we ask for a strong drive, passion and positive energy that will get you the furthest! Show your added value and our company will follow your way. Show us that your opinion can be trusted and take the reigns in your hand. We will help you with the technical know how to be successful. Together. As a team.

What is it we ask from you then?

The core: Leading all efforts around (IT) Security Policies and procedures. From start to finish. From tech and non-tech processes to informing and guiding colleagues in Security.

And did we define some tasks and projects around this as well then? Of course, we did!

  • You will support our leadership team with the setup and implementation of an overarching IT Security Strategy
  • Develop, maintain and champion the rules of conduct in Security!
  • Work together with (and support) our Security Engineers, Risk team and Support Engineers with security related topics
  • Implement and maintain ISO27xxx and more. 
  • Detect, monitor and respond to possible IT security incidents and data leaks
  • Report issues in a constructive and ready to solve way. If our management just have to say ‘yes’ to a plan it means you did your job well wouldn’t you agree?
  • Compliance. We mentioned it once, we will mention it again. We comply with many regulatory institutions like the DNB and others. Informing them properly is super important (together with Risk)..

…Oh boy… Writing down these tasks could be a day task, but we don’t want to scare you off, so let’s leave it at this for now, but do know that this is just the tip of the iceberg, but think more projects around auditing, security awareness and IT projects.

Job requirements

Background and skills

This is not going to be your first rodeo and we think it will not be your last either! We are looking for that positive minded personality with at least 3-4 years of experience that can chop up these hard to chew topics in eatable portions that make sense to people. But also, a person that loves to take ownership of our (IT) security, policies and procedures.

Furthermore you HAVE:

  • A bachelor’s degree (minimum requirement)
  • Working experience with industry best practices like:
    • ISO27xxx
    • OWASP
    • GDPR
    • CoBIT
      (And certifications in these fields are considered as additional value for us)
  • Experience with IT Security (not only information security)

And you ARE:

  • A reliable colleague and a friend we just didn’t meet yet
  • Pragmatic, easy going and a friendly communicator. Natural charisma adds to your awesomeness 😉
  • The bringer of structure when there is chaos, an oasis of rest when people need you the most and you excel in a company (scale-up) that sells chaos as ‘a dynamic workplace’.

…So much more than these words on paper… Surprise us with who you are!

…Then we might surprise you with who we are…

Fourthline is a leading Fintech scale-up that has been growing massively in the Identity & verification (ID&V) space for the past 3 years. Here things move fast (yes, chaotic) and we combine a senior leadership team (McKinsey, ABN Amro, Accenture, Stripe) with fresh scaleup minded people in middle management and throughout the company. We learn from each other every day and together form the basis of the Fourthline success!

We are well funded (+14 million) and our commercial numbers are growing every day (even despite corona). Our product is future proof and ready for the world to use. We already work with, N26, ING, DeGiro and more banking/FinTech partners that are the fastest growing companies in Europe and beyond. And we are here to support them.

We welcome people from all backgrounds who relish the opportunity to help develop the safest and most customer friendly digital KYC solution. If you have ambition to learn and grow, curiosity and drive... come work with us, and let’s make sure that criminals stand no chance in the online realm of onboarding.

Liked what you read and are now wondering what you can expect from us?

At Fourthline, we care about attracting and retaining the best people and that is why we offer:

  • A good salary compared to other Scale-ups
  • The chance to work in a multinational and rapidly growing scale-up that works with leading names in global finance
  • 25 days of vacation to recharge your batteries
  • A workplace in our beautiful new office right next to Vondelpark in Amsterdam
  • Daily catered, fresh and tasty lunch with your colleagues (when allowed again)
  • A high degree of collaboration and autonomy
  • A crucial role in a highly motivated, talented team
  • After work drinks in our very own bar on Fridays (when allowed again)
  • Flat structures and open communication
  • Current count: 4 office dogs - Nelson, Mollie, Bean and Doggo

NOTE: For this role we can only consider people that are Amsterdam/Randstad area based (We will not relocate from outside Europe - due to Corona).