CDD Analyst (Amsterdam)

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  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

CDD Analyst (Amsterdam)

Job description

Did you watch Ozark on Netflix? The series is about a guy, Marty Byrde, that launders millions for a Mexican drug cartel (no worries, you will not find spoilers in this vacancy). Money laundering has been around for a long time and more and more this happens digitally and KYC (know your customer) is gaining importance every day. The (online) onboarding and overall banking experience moves from offline to online and with that fighting financial crime too becomes an online business! At Fourthline we made it our mission to prevent this form of online crime and stop it! That is why we want you to join us as KYC/CDD Analyst!

You will contribute to a safer banking system, so you could say that you are “Fourthline analyst by day, hero by occupation” (and yes, you can wear your costume to the office!)

This is a cool gig for you if…

...You love it if everything checks out 100%! That means that all details in the incoming KYC cases are checked, marked, and accounted for. As Fourthline we pride ourselves to have the highest standards and an amazing service and deliverables to our clients. Together with the quality- & fraud Team, your mission is to provide a high quality CDD (customer Due Diligence) case handling within a fast-moving environment. With your input and experience we might also be able to automate and optimize some parts of the workflow!

You will work in a fast-moving industry, in which you will have many opportunities and you will be able to learn from a great team of experts. If you are interested in the Financial industry this is your place. we work with a continuous improvement attitude and with this mindset throughout Fourthline we are on track to become one of the most successful KYC providers (and more..?) in Europe now and the world later.

In short: Will you be our new Superhero?

How to become this hero?

We recommend starting with a superhero name, that is hard enough as it is! But when you will join us you will submiss yourself in a world of digital fraud, ID documents and KYC processes contribution to the future of banking. And you will be in the middle of this fast disrupted market.

  • After some solid weeks of training and learning on the job you will start with the ‘easier KYC’ cases
  • You will submerge yourself in a world where ID documents, selfies, sanction lists and authenticity marks are key in ‘identifying fraudsters.’ In addition, we add the Fourthline formula that allows us to catch more fraud and handle cases in record time. Your contribution is super important in this.
  • Cross check the work with your superhero colleagues
  • When finding interesting anomalies, you discuss and report these to the Quality- or Fraud teams, so we can deep dive in the case
  • You will be part of the KYC team and procedures and can grow into very difficult cases soon and we see growth possibilities towards a specialism (quality / fraud / client operations) or towards more senior roles (team lead) in the future!

Job requirements

For us it is important that you:

  • Can work at least 32 hours a week, full time preferred (divided over different shifts between 07.00 and 19.00 hours*);
  • Are available for a period of at least 6 months or longer;
  • Are trustworthy, reliable, and responsible! (Since we work in secure rooms and COVID is still active we need people that treat this issue seriously);
  • Have an eye for detail and you can work focused and secure;
  • Can handle repetitive tasks, and still can have a good time (together with the team);
  • From time to time you can adjust your schedule and work days. Flexibility is key;
  • Are able to work in an English speaking environment;
  • Like to work in a team and learn together with them
  • Live in our around Amsterdam already. For this role we don't offer visa sponsorship
  • Willing and able to work in the office at all time due to the sensitive nature of the work/data.

In this position we look for multiple driven professionals that want to work in a fun and dynamic environment, BUT (in capitals!) are super secure, sharp and attentive to details! You are also able and willing to work on repetitive tasks (that is how KYC in general works)! Checking all cases and data is nitty gritty work and requires focused energy and sharpness, we really rely on you to make our service and product better every day.

Liked what you read and are now wondering what you can expect from us?
We are growing fast! That means a lot of room for impact in a fairly new KYC market that is exploding! You will get the chance to work in a multinational and rapidly growing scale-up that works with leading names in global FinTech, Banking as a Service, Crypto and trading platforms. And next to that we offer:
  • A salary of €11,- per hour;
  • 25 days of holidays to chill
  • Pension scheme in place
  • Senior leadership team and growth driven teams that bring out the best in you
  • A high degree of collaboration and autonomy in a highly motivated, talented team
  • Flat structures and open communication
  • Office dogs! (they are the cutest!)
  • Snacks & fruit always available. And when we are allowed to create more freedom you can find catered lunch + awesome Friday drinks in our very own bar again!

*Shifts between 07.00 and 19.00 hours

We have opening hours between 7AM and 7PM. In those 12 hours you can work from 7AM to 3.30PM for example or work from 10.30AM to 7PM. We will try to keep consistency in this part and give you the same working hours always. Currently we have more room for the later shift from 10.30AM to 7PM (so that is our preference).

P.s. If you have not seen Ozark… Would recommend for sure. Binge-watching guaranteed. And now on the next case…. Uhhmmm series.. we meant series…