Automation QA Engineer (BCN)

  • Technology
  • Barcelona, Spain

Automation QA Engineer (BCN)

Job description

You are what Robin or Catwoman is to Batman. You are Asterix to Obelix or the other way around. That is what makes our QA Engineer a valuable member of our development teams! And in our newly designed Barcelona office we could use your help to fight crime (and the Romans... why not...) one by one by building and testing beautiful and highly functional software. We work in a team and you and our developers are responsible for the flawless delivery of the software! 

Scaling the product and your skills

We believe in personal growth and development and working in a growing scale-up gives you a lot of autonomy, responsibility and flexibility. We promise continuous learning and improvement and from time to time you will be pushed out of your comfort zone to learn and gain even more professional and personal growth!

We don't just want you to "test our software" because we believe that with the right mindset you can grow together with us. And we hope that you can teach us some tricks as well so we can improve our test cycles within the team as well! In short, we hope you can scale the product and your skills here at Fourthline, The #1 KYC provider!

Your mission

As an Automation QA Engineer within Fourthline your mission is to create and execute a testing strategy and with that enable fast and bug-free code in production. You will work in one of the (or more) scrum teams with talented people and an awesome challenge to go fast, go secure and go as a super hero.

You make sure that Batman can ride the Bat mobile and that the Romans don’t conquer our village. As a Tech company the software we develop is mission-critical, which means that you are always at the core of our product! How cool is that! 

In general, you will:

  • Develop test plans and test cases based on business requirements of functional and non-functional specifications
  • Coach and teach developers how they can write their own automated tests. Communication is key and if you do this in a great way you can move faster as a team
  • Design, develop, and maintain automated tests (for backend and sometimes frontend)
  • Bug tracking and –reporting and solving them if it is an easy fix
  • Perform manual and automated testing of our systems (but automate as much as possible)
  • Write and deliver clear QA documentation.

Job requirements

Your extensive experience (+3 years in (automated) testing) has made you use the Batman utility belt and includes a wide array of tools. A few of them:

  • The Batarang: The most used tool, or as we call it... Selenium WebDriver
  • Bat-stungun: stunning automation skills. Web and API / rest based! 
  • Bat-darts: Azure DevOps + CI or something similar (Github, Bitbucket, etc...)
  • Bat-Tracer: Performance testing
  • Bat-claw: We think 5+ years in QA Automation with C# or Java is a necessity

And your secret potion? Communication! Ask for help when needed and be proactive! Since we work in international teams and cross-country (with our HQ in Amsterdam) you need to speak English on a very good level.

What do we offer, next to a good salary?

We have a great office with great view overlooking Montjuic and the rest of the city that we recently redesigned to make it a great place to work from (if we are allowed again). And like you, we value:

  • A “flexible” package of secondary benefits where you can choose the components that you like most (Think: meal tickets, health insurance, transportation costs, etc…)
  • A personal education budget to continuously develop yourself
  • English classes if you need (or want) them!
  • A high degree of collaboration within the team and autonomy to work on your own projects
  • Crucial role in a highly motivated and talented team
  • Friday drinks (it's a Dutch thing, but it's a good way to close the week...)
  • Flexible working hours
  • A real team! We play pádel together, have lunches outside of the office and hang out together on Fridays and go mountain biking together in the weekend
  • A stack of the most modern technologies and the opportunity to use them in production.

<<Note: For this role we currently don’t relocate people, so you need to be in Barcelona already and be in the possession of an independent EU work permit.>>