Android Developer - Backend

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Android Developer - Backend

Job description

We build our Mobile SDK with the newest frameworks, some cutting edge technologies and integrate that with our client native apps. We value high quality, test our work and expect our colleagues in the mobile team to come up with creative solutions, do R&D to get to these solutions and have a mindset around problem solving, creative thinking and autonomy & freedom. We help other FinTech companies (neo-banks, crypto, traders), Banking as a Service providers and companies in the financial industry that are growing and innovating their services!

Within our mobile team we identified two disciplines that are needed within the team. Firstly we have the SDK Developer that has a strong focus on working in complex architecture, working with vision frameworks and the willingness to really deep dive into code, R&D and building new features.
Secondly, we see that we work with a lot of clients that can use some help when it comes to their integrations of the SDK. Therefore we also have our great Client Integrations Developers that focuses more on client requests, helping the development teams of our clients and a broader focus on our native app, new feature identification and also core development capacities.

Mission for the Backend (SDK) team:

Research, design, build and create a cutting edge SDK that makes hundreds of thousands end users mega happy.

The top 3 things to achieve this:

  • Build, craft, test & design a top notch SDK together with the team! Improve our current version(s) together with the rest of the mobile team and build a flawless SDK, Native app and demo app! We work with high testing coverage (Unit test integration) and care about using the best design principles and patterns
  • You love R&D around new frameworks and technologies (in computer vision, NFC etc). We have a highly technical product roadmap with a lot of complexity. Working on this architecture and improving the product requires a logical thinking and problem solving attitude
  • Collaboration with the Integration team having a product mindset. The SDK team builds new features, does a lot of R&D and then needs to translate this to actionable client solutions for the integration team. If you always loved to work in product companies where you had full control over the flow and product that was built, this is taking it to the next level. We love product and helping our clients get the best experience.

(our stack can be found on the bottom of the vacancy.)

Job requirements

  • +5 years of experience as a developer (mostly mobile)
  • A degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or related (very exact disciplines help in this role!)
  • Great working knowledge on the more recent Kotlin versions and Android frameworks
  • Team player mentality
  • Great understanding about clean code and unit testing (very important to us)
  • Experience with building features or a complete SDK would be great...

...Also awesome would be if you also have...

  • Understanding of computer vision techniques and frameworks
  • Agile way of working experience (we like that a lot in the team)
  • Backend oriented attitude, since we work on an SDK, we focus less on UI work.

Liked what you read and are now wondering what you can expect from us?

We are growing fast! That means a lot of room for impact in a fairly new KYC market that is exploding! You will get the chance to work in a multinational and rapidly growing scale-up that works with leading names in global FinTech, Banking as a Service, Crypto and trading platforms. And next to that we offer:

  • A great compensation package
  • 25 days of holidays to chill
  • Pension scheme in place
  • A 50/50 hybrid WFH/WFO model. We believe the office can be key to collaborate, be creative and align. And we know you can be productive at home when focus is required
  • Senior leadership team and growth driven teams that bring out the best in you
  • A high degree of collaboration and autonomy in a highly motivated, talented team
  • Flat structures and open communication
  • Office dogs! (they are the cutest!)
  • Snacks & fruit always available. And when we are allowed to create more freedom you can find catered lunch + awesome Friday drinks in our very own bar again!

Our stack:

Languages: a lot of Kotlin (SDK and Apps), a bit of Java (samples for clients), a bit of JavaScript (cross-platform bridges), a bit of Groovy (some leftover build scripts)

Distribution: GitHub, Azure DevOps using Gradle/Maven

Frameworks/Libraries: Google ML Kit (OCR, Face Detection, Barcode scanning), Android NFC, Bouncy Castle, Coroutines, Dagger, Dokka, Camera2, Appcompat family, Firebase products

Unit testing: JUnit, Mockito, Espresso , Barista

minSdkVersion: 21, but we’re moving to 23 ASAP

Methodology: Agile/Scrum, CI/CD

Also: Architectural and software patterns, SOLID.