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Fighting Financial Crime!

We are the #1 KYC provider and that is just the beginning

Our mission

Our mission is to protect the online financial system by using the most innovative technologies to develop the safest and most customer friendly digital KYC solution. 

We are Fourthline!

We are Fourthline (formerly Safened), Europe’s leading KYC solution for neo-banks, FinTechs and corporate banks. We work well in highly regulated environments with lots of compliance, but maintain the capacity to move fast, bust fraudsters and have a lot of fun while doing so! 

We offer a full spectrum verification solution that uses the newest technological solutions as Artificial Intelligence and is build with the most modern tech stack. We complement our state of the art technology with a great team of fraud experts that know where to look when things feel fishy! In short: Together we make sure that criminals stand no chance in the online realm of onboarding. 

And these are the values we live by

With a team of go-getters from all around the world working in different offices around the globe working towards the same goals we are happy to be 100% inclusive. You and me = we. The business we chose is new, exciting and the people we hire want to have impact in the world. We care about our colleagues, our clients and if we work together we show maximum (customer) commitment. We believe that when we take care of you and you are happy with us we will cover all aspects for personal and professional growth

So join us and work towards a common goal of building a product that will disrupt a very important part of the financial industry and the (online) world in general

What you can expect from us

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  • A very good salary
  • Vibrant central city offices in Amsterdam, Barcelona, New York and London
  • No boring days... Fast pace, rapid change! Always getting better
  • Friday drinks in the office... Then in the pub (Yes, yes, also in Barcelona!)
  • Healthy in office lunch (Amsterdam) or lunch tickets (Barcelona)
  • Say what you think & feel: Open communication structures
  • Stellar growth & career progression
  • Young minded bunch of people! Going strong. Together.




Tesselschadestraat 12
1054 ET Amsterdam

Visit us in our new location in the heart of Amsterdam.


Calle Tarragona nr 161
08014 Barcelona

Visit us in our new location in vibrant Barcelona.

Life at Fourthline

(We recently rebranded from Safened to Fourthline)